Our social responsibility

Our manufactory has long been known for the craftsmanship of our employees and the strict quality standards of our products. Our aim is to manufacture products that are in harmony with people and nature. We are constantly working to make progress. Our sweet and savory products are made fresh by hand every day in our factory, using carefully selected raw materials such as IP SUISSE rye, exquisite spices and organic butter.





The ingredients for VOLRO crackers are sourced almost exclusively from sustainable Swiss cultivation (Bio Suisse or IP Suisse), with the proportion of sustainably certified Swiss raw materials ranging from 94% to 98%, depending on the variety.

In procurement, we attach great importance to the principles of sustainability by expecting our partners to comply with economic, social and ecological framework conditions. 

We take responsibility by promoting, demanding and trying to live sustainable behavior at all levels of the supply chain.

Sustainable procurement is a challenge that is not always easy or guaranteed. For this reason, in most cases we maintain personal contact with our suppliers, which brings us joint success with sustainable economic, social and ecological results. We ensure that our partners treat their employees fairly. We strive to achieve environmentally and climate-conscious procurement.


As a manufactory, the employee is a central production force and plays an important role in the manufacturing process. 

We handle our production materials with care. The majority of our production machines and equipment are still in daily use after more than 50 years. 



The company's production facilities have been located in the old town of Basel since 1753.

When sourcing ingredients, we pay attention to local or Swiss suppliers wherever possible.

When recruiting, employees who live in the immediate vicinity of the factory are consciously considered. Most of them come to work on foot, by bike or public transport

Within Basel and the neighboring municipalities, orders are preferably transported and delivered by bicycle courier. 


VOLRO the healthy snack for the z'Nüni Böxli!

Rye meal and rye flour in VOLRO contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber and provide more power for kindergarten, school and play.

Child-friendly food should be healthy, balanced and tasty. VOLRO offers an ideal mix of healthy ingredients, appealing presentation and fun to eat. In this way, children can learn to develop healthy eating habits and enjoy eating at the same time.


What the dentist Dr. Dr. h.c. Adolf Roos found out about the formation of dental caries in his groundbreaking study "The dental caries of Goms children" in the middle of the 20th century: 

Who chews his bread well as a child, builds strong teeth for old age.

Whole grain products can promote dental health! Their fiber strengthens gum health and helps keep teeth clean by helping to remove plaque. In addition, chewing whole grains takes more time than refined carbohydrates, which stimulates saliva production. Saliva helps neutralize acids in the mouth, helping to protect tooth enamel. Whole grain products also contain important nutrients such as vitamin B and iron, which are important for healthy teeth and gums.

VOLRO can help support dental health and reduce the risk of tooth decay!

We are Swisstainable

We are part of the Swisstainable sustainability program and are classified as Level I - committed. The Swisstainable sustainability programme brings together businesses and organizations across the entire Swiss tourism sector. With our participation, we commit ourselves to continuous sustainable corporate development, pursue measures in the area of sustainability and thus make a concrete contribution to sustainable Swiss tourism. More about Swisstainable: MySwitzerland.com/Swisstainable. 

No food waste: We only use a limited number of raw materials, most of which have a long shelf life. These are carefully purchased and stored as required.

Processing: Our production processes are geared towards reusing as many raw materials as possible. In our production, we take care to minimize waste, for example by reusing flour from baking trays.

No overproduction: Thanks to the long shelf life of our products and flexible manual production, we can manufacture efficiently without overproduction.

Status 01.2024